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Laurence and Chris talk to the stars of the first episode, Zizi Strallen & Charlie Stemp and Jon Robyns & Shan Ako!      It’s the Musicals Quiz for West End & Broadway Fans Everywhere. In each episode, two teams from hit West End musicals will go head to head to see just how much they really know about the world in which they excel. The first episode – Les Mis v Poppins – featured a sensational line up from two of the world’s most popular productions. From Les Miserables at the Sondheim Theatre, we welcomed Jon Robyns (Jean Valjean) and Shan Ako (Eponine) and from Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre we welcomed Zizi Strallen (Mary) and Charlie Stemp (Bert).  In this special BONUS EPISODE Chris and Laurence discuss the recording of the first ever episode of the quiz, and play the extended version of their interviews with Zizi, Shan, Charlie and Jon that there wasn’t time for in the actual quiz episode. The performers talk about their careers, their time in lockdown, what it’s like being in some of the biggest shows in the world and how they found themselves in that position! Chris and Laurence also chat a little about which West End stars will be coming up in future editions of the quiz. We hope you enjoy it. ***The show is hosted by the internationally acclaimed composer and lyricist of musicals, Laurence Mark Wythe. Laurence is the creator of the award-winning off-Broadway musical Tomorrow Morning; he composed Midnight which recently played at the Union Theatre in London and GROWL! which toured with the NYMT in 2019 and other shows that have played around the world. He is joined by co-host Chris Stoddart whose professional credits include Jersey Boys and Evita in the West End. Follow the show @gameofshowsquizAll Rights Reserved (c) 2020 Charsola Ltd


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