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“You’re special fascination’ll, prove to be inspirational, we think you’re just sensational, Mame!” In the third and final episode of “The Summer Stock Series,” Kristen and Sarah Goodman chat about their favorite Jerry Herman musical which has been a Summer Stock staple for decades. They first were exposed to the marvel of MAME in 1993 at a regional theater near Chicago where their mom starred in the role of Vera Charles. Thirty years later, these showbiz siblings went to TOFT at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts to watch the 1999 Papermill Playhouse production starring Christine Ebersole. Does this show get the Goodman siblings’ GOOD SHOW stamp of approval? Does this show shock us with some unnecessary racist set dressing? Do we need a little Christmas? Open a new window, listen to a new podcast, and find out today!

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