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“Your gifts will make space for you.” Joe loves a quote and Aisha Jackson is FULL of them. Ok. So Dan is in Waitress, Joe is Frozen, Aisha has done both. So we obviously had to call her! We pose the tough questions like … “Which show do you like more?” and “What do you like most about Joe’s performance?” Totally kidding. We spend an hour with Aisha and talk about everything from getting fired, the heartbreak that goes with having to choose between jobs, and race in musical theater. We talk about building Broadway shows from audition to previews, and possibly the most intense audition story you’ve ever heard. Her credits include Beautiful, Waitress, Frozen, and, one of Joe and Dan’s favorite off-Broadway shows, Witness Uganda. Also Aisha just got a HUGE job that will become public soon, but WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT!! But we will 🙂

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