Ben Thompson, “Wait, No Callback?”

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HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY AMERICAN IDIOT!!! Because we’re a super topical news podcast we thought we’d bring you an interview with one of the OG cast members of American Idiot, Ben Thompson. OBVIOUSLY we asked him months ago and this week worked out… that’s how we roll.. EITHER WAY we are so stoked that he is here with us. We nerd out about Steven Hoggett and Tom Kitt, the Broadway show softball league, and bad audition stories. Ben and Dan worked together on Waitress for over a year where Ben was the longest running Earl in the history of Waitress on Broadway. Ben has been seen in a million cool things including Matilda, Waitress, Holler If You Hear Me, the Original Company of American Idiot on Broadway, Carrie, and the off-Broadway production of Rent. Stay healthy and sane friends. Sending love to Nick Cordero and his family right now.

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