Ellyn Marie Marsh is a GHLM Superfan?!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This week we are talking with Broadway favorite and Guys Who Like Musicals SUPERFAN ELLYN MARSH!! Dan and Joe have had WAY too much candy. We recorded the intro LIVE from Joe’s apartment where Alex and Joe had just made dinner for Dan and Julie. THIS WEEK.. we have our thoughts on Autumn, audition stories, and Joe will break down the truest adage in show business… “if you want a job, leave town.” We’re so lucky to be talking to Ellyn. She is a journey-woman on Broadway working in huge musicals like Kinky Boots and Pretty Woman and high profile plays like Enron and Rose Tattoo. She breaks down creating a role in the ensemble( this is our FAVORITE part), being a Broadway parent, and everything she loves about Guys Who Like MUSICALS!!!

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