“House lights to half” Stage Manager, Matt Lutz (FROZEN)

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This is horrible timing, but we just found out this afternoon that Frozen will no longer be a Broadway show. We talked to Matt last week before we knew any of this and had a wonderful conversation about life as a stage manager. We have had many of you asking for more insights into the world of stage management and we’re sorry it took so long. Matt and Joe worked together on Frozen for Joe’s entire run and Matt is the best… he’s a terrible golfer though. JUST KIDDING. Matt has been Broadway stage manager for 7 years. He’s worked Frozen and Aladdin on Broadway as well as the public theatre, signature theatre and several other off broadway theatres & regional theatres. Also freelancer on corporate and special shows/events. We chat about life in the theater, the jump from regional to Broadway, and the rush you get when you utter the word … GO.

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