Izzy McCalla: There is Room For All of Us

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She’s Jasmine, she’s Alyssa, she’s the dance captain of the 2012 University of Michigan production of Chicago  where Dan and Joe wore mesh shirts and pretended they were Fosse dancers. LOOK IT UP. Actually … please don’t. Izzy has been seen in Aladdin on tour and on Broadway and is best known for her portrayal as Alyssa in THE PROM on Broadway. She was working on the out of town tryout of Jeffery Seller’s FLY at the La Jolla Playhouse when the pandemic hit. We are SO STOKED for this one. FLY is a new iteration of the classic Peter Pan story where Wendy – a girl seduced by the mysteries of Neverland, and struggling with her own impending womanhood – is the focus of this singular version of the Peter Pan story that combines stunning choreography and an exhilarating, percussive score. We chat this week with Izzy about how the work never stops (take those voice lessons people), how we limit ourselves, and, our favorite, “you can’t move forward if you’re looking side to side.” WE LOVE YOU IZZY.

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