March Madness Musical Throw Down Spectacular Spectacular

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RENT vs AMERICAN IDIOT, WICKED vs HAMILTON, NEXT TO NORMAL vs SPRING AWAKENING, HAIR vs JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, OKLAHOMA vs HELLO DOLLY. This week is a March Madness Musical Theater THROWDOWN. Dan and Joe argue about the greatest musicals of time. A few important things, 1. We stole this week’s idea from Megan Hilty. 2. WE’RE THE NUMBER ONE PODCAST IN BRAZIL!!! No lie. We talk about it this week. We here at Guys Who Like Musicals sits at the intersection of sports and musical theater. YES, it’s strange crossroads, but we love March Madness AND we love musical theater. We take the March Madness format and Dan and Joe fight as we get the these shows to the Sweet 16. Check us out this week and tune in next to see who makes it to the Final Four Of Musicals.


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