Mike Ruckles Fixes Your Dead Eyes

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DON’T PAINT WITH A SMALL PALETTE!! Wanna learn how to sing? ALL you have to do is subscribe to Guys Who Like Musicals and listen in. Not really. Singing takes a ton of work, but, Mike Ruckles can help. Also – It’s Dan’s BIRTHDAY AND JOE ALMOST FORGOT.

Mike Ruckles is one of the most sought after voice teachers in the city. He has worked with Dan for the last year and Dan is singing better than ever. This week we give you an inside scoop on everything singing. Mike was the associate music director on Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder, he’s currently working with Sara Bareilles on a TV show, he teaches 9 hours a day, and HE HAS TWO KIDS?! Ambitious much?! We love this episode. The best part? Joe found out it might not be bad to eat Mac and Cheese before singing.

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