Mike Ruckles Preps Us for a Broadway Return

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HE’S BACK BABY!! Is your voice ready for Broadway to return? Are you ready for 8 shows a week of Charlie Price or Prince Topher? Well if you’re anything like Dan and Joe you’ve done basically ZERO singing for the past year. Mike takes us through all the things we need to do to get back in “8 Show a Week” shape. We talk diet, exercise, mental, physical, emotional, ALL THE THINGS that contribute to healthy singing and getting back in the game!!! 

Mike Ruckles is one of the most sought after voice teachers in the city. He has worked with Dan for years and Dan is singing better than ever. This week we return to Mr. ruckles to give you an inside scoop on everything singing. Mike was the associate music director on Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder, he’s worked with Sara Bareilles on a TV show, he teaches 9 hours a day, and HE HAS TWO KIDS!! Check back in with the official Guys Who Like Musicals voice teacher this week!!

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