One Year Since the Lockdown

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Hey. We love you all. This week Dan and Joe a minute to reflect on the past year. From the last shows we saw (Unknown Solider and To Kill a Mockingbird), to Dan’s move across the country, to happy hour with Robyn Hurder, to complete despair and grief, you have all stuck with us during the worst year of our lives and certainly the worst in theatrical history. We know that life could be so much worse for us… we’re healthy, our families are healthy. our unemployment benefits just got extended… it looks like we’re gonna make it. We don’t know the suffering of so many who have lost friends and family members and people who are still recovering from the effects of COVID-19. The theater will return. And GAWD do we miss it… until then… we’re gonna keep taking to you, talking to people we love, and loving musicals. Thank you. Stay tuned for more antics.


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