Ross Baum and Angelica Cheri Talk Gun And Powder!!

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Gun and Powder COMING AT YOU! This week we are so excited to talk to the two people who gave Dan a job when no-one else would.. just kidding. BUT, seriously, Angelica Cheri and Ross Baum the writers of Gun and Powder are here!! Angelica calls Ross “The Jewish John Legend”. We were so grateful to chat with them right as they were about to head to DC for the world premier of their new musical directed by Slave Play’s Robert O’Hara. The received the Richard Rogers Award for Gun and Powder which they started writing together at NYU’s Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program. This is such a great conversation with WRITERS. Anyone who has questions about the writing process (Joe and Dan definitely do) will love this conversation. Just a heads up… there were over 80 songs written for Gun and Powder… only 25 remain. That’s writing a musical for ya. Check out this conversation before Gun and Powder heads to Broadway!!

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