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JOE IS GOING TO BE A MARVEL SUPERHERO!!! Now, that is what they call “click bait”. Joe isn’t going to be a superhero, but it’s hard not to feel that way every time the name BEN SANDS pops up on Joe’s phone. Ben Sands a partner at Artists and Representatives Agency in New York and he has been Joe’s agent for almost ten years. The relationship between agent and actor is sacred. It is an open, vulnerable, relationship that is also steeped in business. It’s best friend, meets business manager, meets artistic partner. We have spoken to many of Ben’s clients on this show including Caitlin Houlahan, Kerstin Anderson, Jason Gotay, James Monroe Iglehart, and Courtney Reed. This week we talk with ben about his journey from an undergraduate acting student to NYC intern to partner at one of the most prestigious agencies in the business. Listen in!!


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