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We are so grateful that the OG Jasmine is with us this week!! Kirsten Dunst had done a million movies and Courtney Reed felt like she was behind. ALADDIN star Courtney Reed is truly a jack of all trades. She’s an entrepreneur (check out Gagged Chokers), and a member of the Broadway Princess Party as well as being one of the most sought after women on Broadway. She thinks that her audition for ALADDIN was easy, but it really took her five years, multiple readings, two out of town tryouts, and rounds of auditions before Broadway. We’re so glad that they didn’t cast Nicole Scherzinger. We talk with her about crazy audition stories, when Dan and Joe didn’t book MISS SAIGON, how she wants to be Satine, and how a thumbs up from Lin Manuel Miranda is all you need… we get real about race in musical theater, putting in the work, and how you have to be kind to people. Long story short? If Courtney was an a*****e there is no way she would’ve been cast as Jasmine.

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