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Hey friends, no one is alone…. I WISH .. there wasn’t a pandemic. But that’s not what we’re talking about this week. This week we’re talking about INTO THE WOODS!! We’re so grateful that our friend and casting director extraordinaire, Benton Whitley is with us to talk about his favorite show, INTO THE WOODS. There are so many great recordings available, but if you haven’t seen Bernadette and Johanna Gleeson in the 1991 OG recording, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and go check it out. Joe loves the 2010 recording from Regent’s Park in London as well. This show is the gateway drug to Stephen Sondheim. Some of the greatest lyrics in Sondheim’s cannon are in the last 20 minutes of INTO THE WOODS. Check this out..”Moments in the Woods”, into “Your Fault”, then “Last Midnight”, “No More” No One Is Alone” into “Children Will Listen.” WHAT A LINEUP. We love this show and we hope you like our deep dive in this musical theater masterpiece. Listen in for Benton’s story when he got to meet Steve… is LEGENDARY.

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