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This week we start a brand new format…MUSICALS WE LOVE… We love Musicals, we miss musicals… Starting this week we’re going to explore some shows you might not know and get a closer look at the shows you love. This week… Joe’s favorite musical of all time. PASSING STRANGE . . “You know its weird when you wake up that morning and realize that your entire adult life was based on the decision made by a teenager… A stoned teenager.” Passing Strange won the Tony for Best Book of a Musical at the 2008 Tony Awards and closed WAY soon. If you don’t know this show… YOU MUST!! Check out the Spike Film on iTunes or Amazon and check the cast album wherever you get music. This show changed Joe’s life and super charged his love for theater at a time when the theater was nowhere to be found. A search for “the real”, a mother’s love might feel insane, nothing ever made him feel as real as when she mended him, remove your mask .. I’ll give you all the love life allows… Passing Strange is everything we love about theater. We’re thrilled to bring you this new segment and celebrate the art form we love so much. I wonder what we’ll cover next week???

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