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TONY AWARDS ARE BACK!!! #1 Robyn Hurder was robbed. #2 Danny Burstein is perfect. #3 Leslie Odem Jr has a perfect singing voice. #4 we still can’t get over that Wheels Of A Dream … Joe and Dan ARE Jesse Tyler Ferguson clutching his pearls and Kerry Butler sobbing while watching Brian Stokes Mitchell and Audra. Broadway’s back!!… is it back? Kind of? Yes!! Dan and Joe breakdown all the emotional, bizarre, and thrilling moments from this year’s (last year’s) ceremony. We talk about the controversies surrounding this years Tony Awards as well. There’s a lot happening in our business right now and we try to shed light on some things you might be reading on Twitter. We just gotta say… if you felt anything besides joy while watching the awards this year, we’re with you. It’s a crazy time. It feels weird to celebrate. But at the end of the day, we’re still little theater geeks watching Tony’s in our living rooms crying while Idina and Kristen sing “For Good”. RIGHT?!

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