What A Year It’s Been Part 1

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Happy Anniversary Darling. For the next few weeks we will be recapping some of our favorite memories from the past year, as well as bringing you some things we should’ve paid more attention to… like the way our black colleagues deal with racism in the theater every single day. So that’s where we start today. Please tune in to the Broadway Advocacy Coalition TONIGHT on Youtube and The Antonyo Awards on June 19th.

This week we wanted to highlight the conversation we had with Aisha Jackson. This was such a great conversation about art and race in the Broadway community. Aisha is generous and strong and she is hurting. We need to be better.

We want to tell our listeners that we’re not experts, we’re not polished, at times we have NO idea what we’re doing, but, we’re trying. And, frankly, if we can have these conversations SO CAN YOU. Talk to your family members, your friends, read, post, yell, donate, march, get out there, but mostly listen. 

What a year. We can be better. We WILL be better. We’re so grateful to everyone who has tuned in for the past year. When we started Guys Who Like Musicals we wanted to create a place where we could have candid, vulnerable conversations with our friends and colleagues. We have grown a lot as podcasters and we want to thank YOU our listeners so SO much. Cheers to another year.

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