What A Year It’s Been Part 3

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Is everyone watching Hamilton? This was the interview that really put Guys Who Like Musicals on the map this past year… and Joe was NOWHERE to be seen. Shoshana Bean puts her heart into her voice.  This was the interview that really made us feel like we could talk with people at the absolute top of their game. We started this show as a couple guys who like talking to people about musicals, and this interview was a awakening for us that an interview show about Broadway could be so much more. She had just finished up her run as Jenna in Waitress when Dan talked with her and she speaks so openly about the highs and lows of her career. Shoshana loves the theater, but her story is long and complicated and beautiful and heart wrenching. We are so thrilled that Shoshana came back to Broadway …. She talks about how Waitress healed many of the wounds of replacing in Wicked. You’ll always remember your first Elphaba. She talks about coming to terms of the impact that playing Elphaba and so many other remarkable stories. There were so many gems in this interview and we wanted to bring you our favorite moments. We can’t wait for the follow up episode where we talk about artist self care. She is such a generous and a remarkable talent… and we’re so grateful she talked to us. Well… Dan. She talked to Dan.

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