Happy Hour #29: The Podcast Men – ‘The Music Man’

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We got no trouble here just pure unadulterated love for Meredith Willson’s one-hit-wonder “The Music Man!” We bask in the brilliance of the book, music and lyrics of this show, discuss the disparity between Broadway and West End successes and weigh up historical accuracy versus inclusivity.

The Music Man (Original Broadway Cast)
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Interested in finding out a bit more about Meredith Willson? Check out this article about the man behind “The Music Man.”

Tommy is a master of mockery, go check out his pastiche of “Ya Got Trouble” and the 2003 Disney televised movie.

Does anyone have this elusive Meredith Willson interview record? Let us know!

Any excuse to post a vid of the queen herself, Patti LuPone singing “Ya Got Trouble” on SiriusXM.

Jimi was first exposed to The Music Man the same way he was exposed to most American culture – through The Simpsons.Then subsequently in everyone’s favourite camp extravaganza, BBC’s “Over the Rainbow.”

We’ve plugged it before, and we’ll plug it again. If you’re interested in scholarly reading about musical theatre, check out Warren Hoffman’s “The Great White Way.”

Surprise! Tommy is representin’ at BroadwayCon in NYC this weekend. Who’s all going? Come say hi!


Bob Dylan became aroused straightaway by the raw intensity of the songs in this musical. What musical was it?

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