Episode 15: Jason SweetTooth Williams

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In the first episode of what we’re calling How To Be More Chill “4.0”, Sam and Ilana interview someone who could not be a more integral part of the Be More Chill story: Jason SweetTooth Williams. Jason played Mr. Heere, Mr. Reyes, and (of course) Scary Stockboy both Off-Broadway and on and is one of the kindest humans ever and an absolute joy to talk to. No wonder Joe Iconis was the best man at his wedding!

Get the inside scoop on his name (spoiler alert: the reason could not be more awesome!), what it was like performing The Goodbye Song after the last performance of #BeMoreChill on Broadway, and all sorts of other lovely things you might not know about him and the show. Jason SweetTooth Williams, let’s do this!

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