Episode 7: Jason Tam

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Ilana and Sam sit down with Broadway’s SQUIP himself, Jason Tam! Fun fact: Jason was the very first actor to ever record the song “Michael In The Bathroom.” Find out why and how in this episode along with all the ways he approached the role, the freedom he was given to create the character both physically and emotionally, and what it is like to be a part of the ensemble of talented “ Iconis Family“ members. From growing up in Hawaii and starring in Les Misérables at 10, to his life as a soap opera star, to how the fans of Be More Chill have filled his heart and his life with so much joy, Jason’s raw honesty and his commitment to the work is so inspiring…but: so is the story he shared about the thing that Will Roland did on stage one night that made him burst into laughter! Jason Tam, let’s do this.


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