A Quiet Podcast at Natalie Joy Johnson’s Home (feat. Natalie Joy Johnson)

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*We knoooow it’s kinda quiet. SORRY! We have since improooooved our setup and added a second mic. Pero, like, we see you, we kinda hear you, and think of it as a meditation. This very special episode features Broadway screltress & cabaret stage-obliterator Natalie Joy Johnson (“Kinky Boots,” “Legally Blonde”) – the woman without whom Steven & Dana would not be a thing. She is our lover from another mother (Hi Dale!), our actual drag mother from the Haus of Joy Johnson, our good friend and cuntfidant. Her footprint is all over the theatre community so we do a deep dive into her career, what makes her tick, body realness, and why she hates us both so much. We eat chicken, sip bubbles, and have moments that Dana simply did not have the time to edit out. Join us as we have a quiet night at home in Harlem with NJJ and her delicious dog/son Scamps. Cheers!


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