Are You Coming To Karaoke Tonight? (feat. Bonnie Milligan)

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We are in the room this week with the deliciously belty Bonnie Milligan (Search Party on TBS! Kinky Boots 1st National Tour! 54 Below Concerts! Fancy Workshops!) Oh what a Christmas miracle! Bonnie is one of our favorite people of all time. We talk at length about all things Dolly. Hello & Parton. We also get into the important stuff like what Parker Posey is like IRL, very very legit accent work, party tricks, how social media can set your career ablaze, that showing up to an audition can change your life forever, and at around [1:15] – we get into the realest of real chats about self worth, working through your pain, and nailing it. So very into this woman!

Instagram: @beltingbons

Twitter: @beltingbonnie


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