BROADWAY BLINDSPOT: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Part 1)

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Happy 2021, listeners! We took January to refuel (also Dana moved to Wisconsin for a couple months) but we are BACK with a new series: Broadway Blindspot! We all have one so once a month Steven and/or Dana will watch a piece of theatre they’ve never seen and report back. We invite you to watch with us!

*Normally these episodes will be released in their entirety, but due to a very, very sad technical oopsie-doopsie-whoopsie this first one will be released as a two-parter so come back next week for Dana’s reactions!

As a HUGE Sondheim nut, Steven couldn’t live with the fact that Dana had never seen Sweeney Todd. Thankfully, the original tour was filmed in 1982 and Dana didn’t have to watch the film. Come listen to what Dana thinks she knows about Mr. Todd and Mrs. Lovett and join us next week for Part 2!!

We’d love to hear what’s in your Broadway Blindspot! Let us know!

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