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We are IN THE ROOM with media personality and Broadway’s original online super fan LAURA HEYWOOD!

You know how Dana missed co-hosting an episode of ITR? Well that’s because she has been doing double duty – directing/editing/producing a new show called “Broadway Fanatic With Laura Heywood” for the new streaming service Broadway on Demand! Dana & Laura created a joyful series which celebrates Broadway fans who are creating their own theatre-related content! Each episode features a handful of creative and inspired “Broadway Fanatics” and Laura reacts to them right along with the audience. We chat with Laura about how she has created her own space in the world by doing what she loves and following her joy. Laura created the anonymous Twitter account @BroadwayGirlNYC in 2009 and in the years since, has become a critical tastemaker and important advocate for all things New York Theatre. This is seriously a masterclass in unapologetically being true to who you are and letting your fan flag fly! Also check out her new charitable endeavor:!









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