College Cords (feat. Julia Murney)

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We’re getting all sorts of seasonal and cozy at the home of absolute goddess Julia Murney (The Wild Party! Wicked! A Class Act! Queen of the Mist! Sex and the City!)

We were honored to be in the room with Julia and we got to ask about how she booked her career defining roles, what it was like to be in Andrew Lippa’s “The Wild Party” while Michael John LaChiusa’s “The Wild Party” played in NYC at the same time, the Green Girl Sisterhood, exhilarating backstage stories, Robert Goulet, Funny Girl, working with Jon Hamm, life hacks, tips and tricks for artists, and we play our audience favorite year end game “What Were YOU Doing On…,” Also, she doesn’t sweat. We. Are. Into. Julia. Murney. And. Pepper. Her. Dog. Forever.


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