Deep Butter (feat. Lance Horne & Kurt Phelan)

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We are IN THE ROOM with Lance Horne & Kurt Phelan!

Thrilled to get to talk to these two creative powerhouses who are also husbands as well as business partners as well as cuties as well as expert conversationalists. Lance is an Emmy award-winning composer, pianist, singer, and music director who has arranged for/performed with: Alan Cumming, Kylie Minogue, Liza Minnelli, Kristin Chenoweth and Ben Folds, just to name a mere modest handful. He is also a Steinway Artist which is a BFD (big forking deal.) You can catch him (& Kurt!) at his Monday night piano parties at Club Cumming (Monday’s In The Club With Lance) and Tuesdays at The Q NYC Nightclub. Kurt is an award winning Aussie actor, theatre maker, and sommelier. Together, they make….. CANDLES that support artists! 


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