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We are IN THE ROOM with musical director and composer Adam Wachter, who is starring in our new favorite show on Disney+: Encore!


Happy New Year’s Eve! We get REAL musical theatre nerdy here with our friend Adam – who is not only on the best new reality show of 2019, he is also a Visiting Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. If you haven’t seen Encore! yet – it’s about people all over country going back to their high school to put on their high school musical again for an encore performance. Most of them haven’t performed since high school. It’s a beautifully touching, hilarious, real and inspiring show that we simply can’t get enough of! Adam gives us the scoop on how they pull off rehearsing for (and putting on a show) in only 5 days, working with the cast as well as the local musicians and pros, and what it’s like to be on an original series for Disney+! We also talk about living in London, taking scary but necessary risks, dating abroad, his Broadway career, leaving NYC, his show “Tarrytown,” and much more! And as always, we play our favorite year-end game: ‘What Were You Doing October 22nd?”


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