Eve Plumb Takes Notes On Brunch (feat. Ryan O’Connor & Natalie Joy Johnson)

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We’re not gonna mince words. This week’s episode is a doozy. We just got back from a very Joni Mitchell-inspired vacation in Maine and we are rejuved, repurposed, and rebornt. This week we have a good old fashioned sleepover with Ryan O’Connor (co-host of the greatest lady-podcast of all time: “LadyWatch with Ryan & Jason”) and lady-in-waiting: Natalie Joy Johnson (Broadway’s “Kinky Boots,” “Legally Blonde.”) We experience cities through Broadway musicals, get the scoop on the birth of LadyWatch and Ryan’s famous “PFEIFFER” declaration, we lounge in our caftans and plan a brunch, unpack our dating lives, somehow land on Peri Gilpin, and finally – cold call Jason Powell who thinks we called because Liza died. You guys. @LadyWatchpod (You should ABSOLUTELY be subscribed to this.) @therealeveplumb (Hey, gwahrl!) @ryanoconnor (He’s the guest.) @njjisrelentless (She’s the recurring correspondent.)

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