Found Under a Planter in Queens (feat. Nancy Opel)

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We are finally IN THE ROOM with our dream guest Nancy Opel! (Wicked! Sunday in the Park with George! Urinetown! Toxic Avenger! Triumph of Love! Honeymoon in Vegas!)

Nancy Opel just finished up a 14 month run as Madame Morrible in a little show called Wicked. This queen is also learning Mandarin. You know, in her free time. There’s a bunch of kitty talk. The musical Urinetown (that Nancy was starring in) opened the same week that 9/11 happened. We talk about how that impacted the Broadway community and NYC. Nancy doles out gorgeous advice about putting in the work, not giving yourself an “out,” and saying yes. Steven & I talk about our first Opel moments. We also hear about some magical musical moments including the time Nancy was in the room listening to Mandy Patinkin sing Finishing The Hat for the very first time. We love you Nancy!!

***** Next week we will drop a special BONUS episode with Nancy Opel, who we did a fun live podcast with at BroadwayCon! It was so silly and fun and you don’t want to miss it!!*****






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