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We are IN THE ROOM with Andrew Hollenbeck (Company Manager of Aladdin on Broadway!) Coming to you from the Disney offices at the New Amsterdam Theatre! This is a true master class in following your joy. Andrew went to college for theatre performance but came to realize through years of hard work, that his love of theatre was not only performance based. As company manager for Aladdin on Broadway, Andrew has found a way to combine all the things he loves: Planning things, organization, Disney, Broadway, and working with incredible people. Andrew is also Dana’s BFF of 13 years, so you have that to look forward to as well.

We also talk Bon Appetit ASMR, Disney World tips & tricks, Andrew’s coffee shop, drunkenly renting Fire Island shares, Dana is officiating Andrew’s wedding, Gary starring Nathan Lane, Harry Potter on Broadway, Hillary & Clinton, OCD, and true friendship.




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