Gaelen, Take Your Break (feat. Gaelen Gilliland)

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HAPPY TONY NOMS DAY!!! And how lucky are we that our guest this week is Gaelen Gilliland from SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical – which SWEPT the nominations with 12! Congrats to all in that pineapple under the sea, especially director Tina Landau, whose dressing room we are stealing to record in! Gaelen has also been in every Broadway show known to man. We dive deep into her stories of being in the original companies of Legally Blonde and 9 to 5 as well as talk about how she found herself fitting into the business, growing as a performer, onstage goofs with Allison Janney, #oldheadshotday, the importance of pushing yourself, the life of a swing, u/s, and track performer, puppy stuff, and why EVERYONE SHOULD SEE SPONGEBOB ON BROADWAY!

And come see US live and IN THE ROOM at The West End Lounge on 5/6 @7pm for a very special night of songs, gab, games, and drinks with past guests. Tickets available at!



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