Gettin’ Cozy With Castmates: THE SKIVVIES (feat. Lauren Molina & Nick Cearley)

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We are IN THE ROOM with our favorite “undie rock” duo – The Skivvies!

The Skivvies bare it all on this episode of “Gettin’ Cozy With Castmates!” You’ll get answers to questions such as – what was Lauren Molina buying at Rite Aid when she heard Joe Biden was elected? Lauren & Nick clench their butt cheeks during what song during their shows? How did Nick’s actor/musician version of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” come to fruition? What vehicle did they bond in on their first day of meeting each other? What song did they BOTH happen to sing at their respective senior showcases in college? What is Lauren’s best advice for creatives?

The Rocky Horror Skivvies Album is out now on iTunes and Spotify! And everywhere you can buy music!

As we head into cooler weather, we will be getting cozy with some of our favorite cast mates from various shows. We are calling this mini-series “GETTIN’ COZY WITH CASTMATES,” natch. So put on your sweaters, pour yourself a hot chai, and join us for some little mini-reunions! Double the pleasure, double the fun!









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