I Love Raisin Bran, Shoot Me (feat. Curt Hansen & Mallauri Esquibel-Hansen)

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We are hunkering down in a boxed up apartment with new-ishly-weds and national treasures Curt Hansen (Hairspray! Wicked! Next To Normal! Kinky Boots!) and Mallauri Esquibel-Hansen (La La Land! Taylor Swift’s RED Tour! DWTS! High School Musical!) Steven needs hair-spiration photos. Please DM @intheroompod with your suggestions. Curt brings out a fancy hair volumizer contraption he received from Ariana Grande. We talk about how Curt & Dana met and fell in love in college and played spin the bottle, and how Curt & Mallauri met and fell in love IRL and did the long distance thing. Mallauri & Steven connect on a dancer-world level that is beyond, we find out that Taylor Swift is a doll and loves everything and everyone, we wax poetic on Titus Burgess and Aaron Neville, talk about what we are binging, cover highs & lows of the industry, and play the longest round of Steven’s Rapid Fire that ever was. And OBVI more. We love these 2!



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