Jaunty Knit Cap (feat. Natalie Joy Johnson)

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We are back IN THE ROOM with the Queeniest of Queens – Natalie Joy Johnson (Kinky Boots! Legally Blonde! High Maintenance on HBO! Bare: A Pop Opera! Lempicka!)

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Roomers! We hope you are home and safe and healthy! These are truly bizarre times. We are committed to bringing you episodes during this time, but bear with us as we figure out what that looks like. This was recorded JUST before Broadway closed its doors.

Leaving you with some Broadway inspiration.

“We’re neither pure nor wise nor good

We’ll do the best we know

We’ll build our house and chop our wood

And make our garden grow

And make our garden grow” -Candide

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We talk early Broadway fandom, closing a Broadway show (RIP Kinky Boots!) after five and a half years, the year since, backstage antics, NJJ threatens Steven’s life multiple times, the creation of the song & music video of “Get Into It, Queen,” Lempicka, swinging, Phylicia Rashad, Puke de’Provincetown, and more! Stay safe and healthy!






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