My Hard Out Was an Hour Ago (feat. John Hill)

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We are IN THE ROOM with an absolute ray of sunshine – John Hill! (Co-host of “Andy Cohen Live” & host of The Feels on SiriusXM.)

We talk body hair, the essentiality of ring lights, quarantine catch-up, how the kitchen is the office now, Bruce Vilanch-ishness, living in Marc Shaiman’s LA guest house, creating his own work, and being a reality tv producer/show-runner. There are also utterly bizarre stories about Linda Hart showing up at Gelson’s after having just been robbed, driving (& getting diarrhea in) Kristen Bell’s Jetta, and his inspired choice of stepping away from reality tv shows – and moving into scripted and late night. We also dip into his alter ego Helvetica, and certainly get into his past life as a Broadway performer (Hairspray, The Boy From Oz), and the cult hit “Bare: A Pop Opera.” John Hill is nothing if not the ultimate multi-hyphenate prince of showbiz. PS – yes, Dana told him the story.








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