Nothing Feels Better Than One Solo Clap (feat. Carly Jibson)

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We are IN THE ROOM with Carly Jibson (One Mississippi on Amazon Prime! The Guest Book on TBS! Atypical on Netflix! Broadway: Hairspray! Cry Baby!)

Carly is joining us from her home in Burbank, CA! Steven is famously still in Washington Heights, NY. Dana is hunkered down in Astoria, NY! Grab someone you love and dive into this highly inspiring chat with the immensely talented and REAL AF Carly Jibson! Topics we cover: being attracted to telling stories that have heightened sensibilities, quarantine therapy, seeking answers from leaders, Brené Brown, the sexiness of the stock market – (yes, you read that correctly), addiction, being plucked from high school to be a Broadway STAR from her hometown in Michigan, her laser-sharp focused adventure that started with leaving high school and lead to starring in Hairspray, losing her dear mother, the definition of success, chasing the dragon, artistic freedom, giving yourself permission to change course, working with Greg Garcia, Tig Notaro, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Stephnie Weir, and more!

Special audible appearance by Carly’s dog Brooklyn Lucille and Steven’s radiator/window hooplah.







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