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This week we are celebrating the TONY AWARDS and our new corporate sponsorship (Pink Party Rosé!) with our dear friend Scott Frost – producer at SpotCo, one of the world’s leading Broadway & live entertainment advertising companies! We catch up on a lot this week! Steven had a delicious birthday, Dana went to Brooklyn Pride, they both went to a taping of “Match Game,” aka – summer is in full swing, people! Scott and Dana went to college together, and now you can find him producing all kinds of fun promo stuff with his clients such as Tina Fey (“Mean Girls”) and the Kinky Boots team! We get into how Broadway advertising works, how it has changed, what Tina Fey is like on a bus trip, educational beginnings, the importance of finding your tribe, and what Scott really thinks of In The Room!

We are sooooooo excited to be sponsored by Pink Party Rosé all summer long!! Brought to you by the makers of Babe Rosé. You’ve seen it. You’ve guzzled it. Show us your support by bringing Pink Party to your next soirée and tag @intheroompod & @webroughtwine in your photos!

Book: “On Broadway: From Rent to Revolution”






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