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We are IN THE ROOM with Austin Rodriguez (Head of Props – Beetlejuice! Company! War Paint! Phantom of the Opera tour!)

This is our first chat using a new quarantine set up – so audio might feel a bit raw but it’s still gorge! Our guest this week – Austin Rodriguez – is really is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to “making things.” He is a master on Broadway AND in the kitchen. From being the giant finale sandworm in Beetlejuice, to whipping up homemade bacon fat tortillas, & limoncello, we get our creative juices flowing and mouths watering in this episode. This is our first podcast post-Broadway pausing, so we get an insider’s experience of closing up shop (temporarily!) Austin was about to open COMPANY as Head of Props and tells us about how the production had to change course immediately. Also – Austin’s baby just turned 1, and has the same birthday as Dana’s nephew, so we talk about the wonder of babes.






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