Sister Princess Queen (feat. Katrina Newman)

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We are IN THE ROOM with the sparkly Katrina Newman (Broadway dresser for Disney’s Frozen!) We are super jazzed to get the chance to talk to our first guest who works in the wardrobe department on Broadway! Halloween just happened, so we delve into our love of creative costumes this time of year and favorite Halloween traditions! Dressing the characters in Disney’s Frozen on Broadway is so interesting and we learned so much about how everything is intricately choreographed, what her work actually entails, her background as an actor & dancer, how she transitioned into another job within the theatre world, how she got the job, and we even get some tricks of the trade! We love you Katrina!!

The first National Tour of Disney’s Frozen just began, so be sure to go see it if it hits your neck of the woods! And if you are in NYC, come see the magic of Frozen on Broadway!





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