The Black Ups (feat. James Jackson, Jr. & LaDonna Burns)

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This week we are LIVING and in the room with ProFRESHional singers LaDonna Burns and James Jackson, Jr – together, they are The Black Ups! Fun facts: LaDonna has a degree in Microbiology & loves showchoir. James is also a legit masseuse and loves a drapey blouse. Steven went to Denver to see Frozen and a boy. Dana grilled some stuff and finally did her laundry. Join us this week while we chat about how social media is influencing theatre, the fierce gig of back up singers and how to sustain a career, the glamorous life of auditioning, finding your tribe and finally, we play “What’s Your Favorite Phylicia Ayers-Allen Rashad?” And more! @MrJJJr @theblackupz @LaDivaBurns


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