The One With the Ghost Stories (feat. Jacob James)

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We are IN THE ROOM with our new favorite ghost enthusiast, Jacob James!

Today we welcome our first Canadian – coming to us straight from Stratford, Ontario! Jacob James is a professional actor, Professor at Queen’s University, Artistic Director of the Theatre Curation Project (subscribe to the channel on YouTube – link below!) and most fittingly for this Halloween season – a casual ghost hunter who may have “the talent.” He definitely has the stories to back it up! Jacob shares many real life spooky tales with us and he also brought a couple audio clips of what he picked up on his EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) reader. We’re buying one immediately. Ever since Jacob was little, he has been able to intuit spirits and unexplainable vibrations surrounding him. As he has gotten older, he has defined himself as a skeptical believer, while at the same time – has leaned in to learning more about the things that have happened to him in his life. We have to agree – some of the things we hear in today’s episode are completely chill inducing! Happy Halloween everyone!


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