The Podcast We Were Going to Record (feat. Jason Powell & Natalie Joy Johnson)

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We are FINALLY in the room with the one, the only, Jason Powell! He is half of our sister podcast “LadyWatch with Ryan & Jason” and we are finally meeting in the flesh! We are also joined by the queen herself, Natalie Joy Johnson (Kinky Boots! Legally Blonde!) Broadcasting from the heart of Times Square atop a Babe Rose-soaked bedspread at the Paramount Hotel, we present to you a podcast episode allegedly sponsored in part by Arriba Arriba and Sid Luft. Put on your wetsuits honeys, because we take a nerdy AF deep dive into Judy Garland land. We’re talking tax returns, a potential mausoleum purchase, a Judy text book that apparently exists, and last but not least – Jason’s incredible one man show called “The Book That I’m Going to Write by Judy Garland.” We also talk LadyWatch pod semi-retirement, what it takes to self-produce a one-man show as well as a podcast venture, dream jobs, and our very intense tribal love for Jason.




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