This Beat Cannot Be Stopped (feat. Niki Metcalf & Toneisha Harris)

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We are IN THE ROOM with the stars of the upcoming “Hairspray” National Tour – Niki Metcalf and Toneisha Harris!

Niki Metcalf (Tracy Turnblad) and Toneisha Harris (Motormouth Maybelle) will be lighting up the country in the new National Tour of Hairspray, starting November 12th! You may know Toneisha Harris as the Season 18 runner-up on NBC’s “The Voice” (famously half-filmed during quarantine) or from Season 4 of BET’s gospel competition show “Sunday Best.” During the finale of “The Voice,” Toneisha was able to share an original song, “My Superhero,” written for her youngest son during his battle with leukemia, which reached #8 on iTunes. And we are so excited for America to get to know the dazzling Niki Metcalf! This tour is in great hands.

We LOVED our conversation with these two! They are thrilled to be spreading the message of love, hope and inclusion across the country and their generosity of spirit is infectious! Topics covered: showing your range, taking on new adventures and experiences, finding “your shine,” ASL SURPRISE!, leaving folks better than you found them, reading, cooking, tour hobbies, and more!









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