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We are IN THE ROOM with Asmeret Ghebremichael (Book of Mormon! Dreamgirls! The Wiz: Live! Legally Blonde! Wicked! Spamelot! Get Even on BBC!)

Asmeret is a first generation American – her parents emigrated from North East Africa (Eritrea) – and she studied communications at NYU. Little did she know that the universe had her in the palm of its hand from day one. Asmeret has really done it all when it comes to theatre – growing up doing dance competitions with Abby Lee Miller (ommmmmg can’t wait for the memoir!), starring in multiple hit Broadway shows, taking bows in the West End, and doing The Wiz: Live! on NBC. She’s got a few more tricks up her sleeve, so follow her closely – this girl is on fire. Thoughtful and hilarious, Asmeret gives us a candid look into what her experience has been thus far in her career. Bonus feature: Lauren Molina chimes in!

Check out her incredible piece entitled “I’m tired of being the token Black friend.”






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