You Better Work (feat. Jennifer Elise Cox)

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We are IN THE ROOM with Jennifer Elise Cox (The Brady Bunch Movies, Web Therapy, Will & Grace, Idiotsitter, Hype)!

OMG Jennifer Elise Cox you guys. Every interview from here on out is trash! TRASH! You know her from everything you’ve ever watched. She hits ALL your buttons. If she’s in it, it’s gold. We could have danced all night with this one. Please enjoy our delightful chat with our comedy queen JEC!! We talk growing up on the Lower East Side, silly dads, Broadway advertising, going to the “Fame” high school, theatre geekery, The Method, filming the Brady movies, Shelley Long, theatre queenery, poker excellence, RuPaul, Jean Smart, Broadway dream roles, Shakespeare, dance, Lily Tomlin, and more! Find Jennifer on Cameo here:






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