You Just Did That (feat. Eleri Ward | SUF/SOND)

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We are IN THE ROOM with singer-songwriter Eleri Ward! (New album: “A Perfect Little Death” by her – let’s say… alter ego – SUF/SOND is now on Spotify and Apple Music).

NEW BEST FRIEND ALERT: Our first podcast of 2021 with a guest couldn’t have been more delightful! Eleri Ward is a musical theatre-lovin’ Chicago native who went viral on TikTok due to the fact that she’s undeniably great at mashing up her indie rock influences (most notably, Sufjan Stevens) with Mr. Stephen Sondheim. Hence, her SUF/SOND brainchild. We chat about Boston, the actual horror of moving, our shared love of “Documentary Now: Original Cast Album: Co-Op,” pop music influences, high school, exorcising demons, social media hacks, creative output (yay!) and so much more.

PS. Eleri’s second EP “Friction” JUST came out and is available on all platforms! June truly is busting out all over and we are into it.







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