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After quite the hiatus, Fergie is back full force with Joel Grey’s episode of The Muppet Show. Fergie discusses even MORE changes in the opening and re-emphasizes the frequents efforts of the creative team trying out new things. The switch-up in the UK Spot for this episode and why it happened! Lastly, Fergie has a nervous breakdown over the proper pronunciation of Snufflepagus’s name! This episode’s Muppet History segment honors and reflects over the legacy and work of Jerry Nelson.

Here are the links that were references in the episode:

  1. When the River Meets The Sea – Jim Henson’s Memorial (Emmett Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas)
  2. I Give To Thee – Fraggle Rock
  3. Lambaba – Sesame Street
  4. Truro Daydreams (Info page on Muppet Wiki)
  5. Little Red – Jerry Nelson in the Studio
  6. Get Yourself Free – Jerry Nelson in the Studio
  7. Noah’s Ark – Jerry Nelson in the Studio

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