Happy Hour #101 – The Von Trapp Family Podcast – ‘The Sound of Music’

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It’s time to ride on those wild geese as we fly into Austria to talk all about potentially the world’s most famous musical, ‘The Sound of Music.’ We try and pull apart why it’s so popular while discussing the real Von Trapp family, the tonal differences between the film and stage show , why Maria is a lesbian icon and discover the best musical theatre themed Hallowe’en costume.

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A very good place to start is this wonderful video of Julie Andrews meeting the real Maria Von Trapp!

Out of the myriad of documentaries about the Sound of Music that are out there, we thoroughly recommend this one presented by Sue Perkins.

For a totally different perspective on the show (and some other great insight into gender and feminism in the musical theatre!) check out Stacy Wolf’s fascinatingly enjoyable book ‘A Problem Like Maria.’

She worked on it for months and came out with an incredible performance. Here’s Lady Gaga singing a medley of the songs at the Oscars.

Let’s cringe together with Tommy’s first in-person YouTube appearance!

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A Carnival Quiz QuestionAs far as we know, this is the only musical based (kind of) on a roller coaster. What show?


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